A brief message from the President

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the MUN society at Dr Challoner's Grammar School.

Our society aims to replicate the real United Nations allowing students to experience international diplomacy, better their debating skills or even add a prestigious hobby to their CV.

The Model United Nations society at Dr Challoners Grammar School is unique. It truly is a society of the students, for the students, run by the students. It allows children of a multitude of ages, abilities and backgrounds to congregate and debate about the issues which are most important to them. These range from solving the Syrian refugee crisis to ending child slavery.

The society empowers the children of today with solutions for contemporary issues so they are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Yet it is the ethos of the club which makes it truly magnificent. It gives our students a true exposure and makes them cognizant of the real world. Each delegate has their own personal drive for attending this society yet they all have one common aim. To make the world a better place. This sense of unity is a commonality both in the Challoners and United Nations framework.

This Website will serve as a main portal for schools who are new to MUN to use our videos and resources to help set up their own society. This will serve as a central area for you to access many tips from how to make an emotive speech to how to write a punchy resolution. It will also brief you about the details of our conference.

We look forward to you using this website and hope to see you at our conference next year.

You are the leaders of tomorrow.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

(Through hardship to the stars)

Mohammad Karim | President

Next training date

Sunday 28th February

Dr Challoner's Grammar School

News and Updates

Refer to these news updates for information from the executive team

Message From Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

9th January 2018

“The UN really matters: for peace; for tackling global warming; to prevent the world sliding to nationalistic conflict and anarchy. So, please get involved and deepen your understanding of its importance.”
Vince Cable MP
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Memeber of Parliament for Twickenham, Teddington, The Hamptons and Whitton

International Glory at LIMUN

20th November 2017

Recently 17 students from Challoner's MUN took part in the LIMUN conference and had amazing success.
Vice President George Corby noted "We were absolutely delighted to learn that over half of us had won individual awards and we had done so well overall that our delegation won the entire conference".
You can learn more here.

Message from the Team Leader for Humanities

4th October 2017

"Challoner's Model United Nations provides a superb platform for students to engage with global politics and debate with their peers about issues that matter. The regular meetings and conferences are invaluable in developing those skills of research, debate and analysis which are so central to a study of the Humanities. I encourage all students, both at Challoner's and beyond, to get involved."
Mr Wallington-Smith
Head of Humanities and Subject Leader for Religious Studies
Dr Challoner's Grammar School

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